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The tours in Mongolia with "Legend tour" gives you the unique chance to see the virgin nomadic culture and lifestyle, saved only here until this days. Shamanism and Lamaism are both contributed to nomadic traditions and are growing up nowadays.

Booking your tourist camp with Legend tour gives you access to discounted rates that are unavailable directly from the camp.

A ger (Mongolian yurta) is a traditional Mongolian family communal tent. They have been used for generations by nomadic herdsman not only in Mongolia but across other parts of Central Asia as well. Herdsmen had to move their flocks around, often great distances, due to the poor quality of the grazing areas. As a result, peoples of these regions had never settled in traditional cities or towns until only the last century.

Our Ger camps are designed specially for receiving and serving tourists. There are at least 5 and up to 50 Gers at the Ger camps (housing up to 180 people) and have the following facilities:

  • Comfortable 2-4 bedded Gers
  • Restaurant
  • Souvenir shop
  • Flush toilet and showers
  • Electricity

The Ger camps have on staff a manager, cook, waitress and horsemen. Travelers will stay at their own Gers, just like a hotel room.

Cooks at the Ger camps are all professional cooks, so travelers can have opportunity to taste Asian and European as well as Mongolian dishes, while you are staying at the camp. Depending on the distance from the main market, the menu will vary depending on the Ger camp.

Simply click on the name of the Mongolia ger camp for full information about tourist camp. If you choose full round with Legend tour we offer tourist camp according to the round chosen you. If you are only booking accommodations, please list your hotel preferences when contacting us.

If there is a ger camp in Mongolia not listed here that you would like to book, please contact us.


Ger camp in Mongolia

Chinggis Khaani Khuree  (Chinggis Khaan Khuree, Chingisiin Khuree) ger camp Chinggis Khaani Khuree  (Chinggis Khaan Khuree, Chingisiin Khuree) ger camp Chinggis ger camp
Chinggis ger camp Mirage ger camp Mirage ger camp
  • Add 10% to the above rates in the period of the Naadam Festival (July 07-14)
  • If you have not found the necessary information or the tourist camp required to you is absent in the list, please address to employees of travel company "Legend tour" and we shall help you.
  • Transfers between 11pm - 7 am local time incur 15 % surcharge.
  • If you need the transfer, the guide or other services please inform us about it at the reservation of tourist camp.




- Chinggis Khaan Khuree ger camp

- Hunnu tour ger camp

- Mongol Nomadic camp

- Tamir ger camp

- Heaven Envoy ger camp

- Mirage ger camp

- Terelj Lodge ger camp

- Princess ger camp

- Moltsog Els camp

- Hustai camp

- Steppe Nomads eco camp



- Khunnu Khuduu Aral tourist camp

- Khanhkharuul ger camp

- Bayan Gobi camp


- Munkh Tenger camp

- Dream Land camp

- Bayan Uul camp

- Talbium camp

- Khangai Resort camp

- Shiveet Mankhan ger camp

- Duut Resort

- Tsenkher Jiguur

- Maikhan Tolgoi camp

- Ikh Khorgoo camp

- Ogii



- Chinggis Toonot ger camp

- Amarbayasgalant ger camp

- Uran Togoo ger camp

- Tourist camp Hovsgul-Dalai

- Ashihai ger camp

- Toilogt ger camp



- Secret of Ongi tourist camp

- -

- Erdene Ukhaa camp

- Bayan Bulag tourist camp

- Tavan Dohio ger camp

- Tsagaan Suvraga camp

- Dream Gobi

- Three Camel Lodge

- Gobi discovery

- Gobi discovery Khongor

- Gobi Anar

- Gobi Erdene camp

- Gobi tour camp

- Mongolian Gobi



- Chinggis Toonot ger camp





- Blue Wolf travel




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