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Ulitsa Petrovka
Bolshaya Dmitrovskaya Ulitsa.
  • Chekhov Moscow Art Theater (MKhAT imeni Chekhova).
North of the Boulevard Ring
Tverskaya Ulitsa
  • Church of the Resurrection (Tserkov Voskreseniya).
  • Statue of the Yury Dolgoruky.
  • Church of SS Cosma and Damian (Tserkov  Svyatykh Kosmy i Damiana).
  • Yeliseev's Grocery Store (Yeliseevskiy Magazin)
Around Pushkinskaya Ploshad
Patriarch's Pond
Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
  • Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire
  • Museum of Folk Art (Muzey narodnogo iskusstva).
  • Museum of Oriental Art
  • Church of  the Grand Ascension
  • Gorky House-Museum.
Around Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
  • Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
  • Leningrad Station
  • Yaroslavl Station
  • Kazan Station
  • Sokolniki Park.
  • All-Russia Exhibition Center.
  • Cosmonautics Museum.
  • The Worker and the Kolkhoznitsa (woman collective farmer) is a sculptural group created by Vera Mukhina for the Soviet pavilion at the International exhibition in Paris in 1937. It has been placed before the Northern entrance of the All-Russia Exhibitional Center. It is cast of stainless steel; its height is about 25 m. It is a typical work of socialist realism symbolizing the unity of the working class and the peasants: the worker and the kolkhoznitsa are holding a sickle and a hammer above their heads; those are symbols of the Soviet state.
  • Ostankino TV tower is the second tallest building in the world (539 m, the first one is the TV tower in Toronto - 555 m). It was built in Moscow in 1967, by constructor Nilcolay Nikitin. Beside technical services, there is a sightseeing platform and a three-level restaurant The Seventh Sky there; the latter is a ring structure slowly rotating around its axis and from it the visitors can see the Northeastern part of Moscow. In 2000 there was a great fire in the building. It is believed that after the reconstruction the tower will become the tallest in the world - 562 m tall.
  • Ostankinsky Pond.
  • History Museum of Railway Transportation. New pictures! 
    Open 31 July 2003. 
    Open every day. Close Monday, Tuesday.
    Address: Rizhskaya Ploshad, 1

    Metro: Rizhskaya

  • The Palace-Museum in Ostankino. 
    The museum is an excellent representative of the Russian culture of the end of the XVIII century. It was mainly created by the serf and that is what it is famous for. In 1989 the restoration of the museum began. In 1992 it was opened for visitors. Originally a wooden church of the Life-Giving Trinity was built on that place in XVII by the owners of the mansion princes Cherkasskys. More information's and pictures...
  • Ostankino House-Museum.
  • Petrovsky Palace.


Bolshoi Theatre Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall Moscow Kremlin
Bolshoi Theatre    


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