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Moscow History Museum of Railway Transportation. Pictures. Photos. Foto. Sightseeing. Places to visit. Trip to Russia. Legend tour.

Moscow History Museum of Railway Transportation. Moscow Railways History Museum.


Moscow History Museum of Railway Transportation

ТЭ7-080 (1963) ФД21-3125 (1941).   ЕА 2450
 П-0001 (1945-1947) ТЭ2-125 (1952). Эм 740-57 (1935). ТЭ3-5151 (1964).
    ТЭ1-20-195 (1947-1950). СО 17-2211 (1947).
ТЭ-5417 (1943). Poland  (1913) O."841 (1903).  


- Moscow Kremlin

- Moscow Kremlin towers

- Around Kremlin (12)

- Around Kremlin (16)

- Around City center (20)

- Petrovka, Bolshaya Dmitrovskaya,
North of the Boulevard Ring,
Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya Ploshad

- Sokolniki Park, Komsomolskaya Ploshchad (9)

- All-Russia Exhibition Center,
Ostankino, (15)

- Moscow History Museum
of Railway Transportation (16)


- Boulevard Ring, Patriarch's Pond,
Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa,
Garden Ring (19)

- Prechistnka, Bolshaya Nikitskaya 
Ulitsa, Garden Ring, Volkhonka (16)

- Bulvar Ring, Novodevichiy Convent
(14 pictures)

- Старый арбат (23)

- Central museum of the Great
Patriotic War 1941-1945 (24)

- Донской монастырь.(16)

- Sculptures Park. Moscow Park Iskusstv at Krymsky Val. (24)

- Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory)

- East of Moscow. (16 New!)

- Andrey Rublev’s Museum
and Spaso-Andronikov


- Московское метро.(8)

- Усадьба Архангельское. (16) New!

- Измайлово.(16)

- Усадьба Кусково.(24)

- Музей-усадьба Кузьминки.(16)

- Усадьба Коломенское.(16)

- Музей-усадьба Царицыно.(19) New!

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