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The wonders of Khasan. Sightseeng. Places to visit in Vladivostok and Primorsky kray. Vladivostok suburbs.

The wonders of Khasan. Sightseeng. Places to visit in Vladivostok and Primorsky kray. Vladivostok suburbs.


The wonders of Khasan

We invite you on a tour to Khasansky County, which is located in the extreme south of Primorsky Kray where Russian, Chinese and North Korea borders converge. Washed by the Sea of Japan, this unique county is one of the most interesting and attractive places in Northeast Asia. Its primordial nature includes mountain reliefs, picturesque landscapes, wetlands, and a jagged coastline with a great number of splendid bays, beaches and lagoons, all of which make it an ideal spot for ecotourism.

Located astride the border of temperate and subtropical zones, Khasansky region features the greatest biodiversity in the Russian Far East. Whales, dolphins and small sharks enter the coastal waters, home to octopuses, Kamchatka King Crabs and scallops. Scuba divers come here to take pictures of underwater life.

The wetlands are the key area of East-Asian flyways for rare migrating and water birds such as the Japanese Crane, the Daurian Crane, the Far Eastern Stork, the peregrine falcon. This is the only place on Earth where the natural habitat of the Far Eastern Leopard still exists in the wild. The area has 4 nature reserves, including Russia's only Marine Reserve.

For those who like eco-expeditions, we offer two tours around this unique territory.



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