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Vladivostok Memorial Morskoye Cemetery. Sightseeng. Places to visit in Vladivostok. Tour to Vladivostok. Vladivostok tour. Trip to Russia. Russia Far East. Legend tour.

>Vladivostok Memorial Morskoye Cemetery.


Memorial Morskoye Cemetery

The above City tour is combined with a visit to Morskoye Cemetery. Morskoye (Marine) Cemetery is a memorial cemetery of Vladivostok. It was opened in 1905. A lot of famous people were buried there. Vladimir Arseniev, the explorer of the Russian Far East who died in Vladivostok in 1930 is among them. There is a monument to Varyag heroes. The ashes of the seamen from cruiser Varyag, who died in the battle with Japanese Squadron of warships on January 27, 1904 (Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905), were reburied here. There are graves of British and Canadian solders and officers, as well as Czeck legionaries, who died in Primorye in the years of intervention (1918-1922).

Monument to sailors of cruiser "Varyag" on a Marine cemetery


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