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Vladivostok Fortress Museum. Museum of Vladivostok. Vladivostok museum. Sightseeng. Places to visit in Vladivostok and Primorsky kray. Vladivostok suburbs. Tour to Vladivostok. Vladivostok tour. Trip to Russia. Russia Far East. Legend tour.

Vladivostok Fortress Museum. Museum of Vladivostok. Vladivostok museum.


Vladivostok Fortress Museum

The museum of unique Vladivostok's underground marine fortress, constructed at the end of the 19th- the beginning of 20th centuries. Vladivostok Fortress had been built for 40 years and was one of the best and largest fortresses in the world. The museum is located in Bezymyannaya Battery - one of fortress's batteries, built in 1872.

The anonymous battery - one of the oldest strengthenings the Vladivostok fortress. Already in the first years of existence of Vladivostok in 1862 on the Anonymous hill on surburb of a post smooth-bore instruments of a battalion of mountain artillery of the Transbaikalian artillery brigade have been placed. From now on behind a hill name Batarejnaja was fixed. Later, on this place in 1880-1882 the military engineer captain V.P.Shirokov had been constructed in derevozemljannom a variant more powerful coastal battery armed 9 and 11-inch cut instruments of a sample of 1867. In 1897-1900 the battery has been reconstructed in a concrete variant by the military engineer captain Yakubovsky. Arms of the battery nine 9-inch coastal guns of a sample of 1867 and four 57-mm skorostrelnye have made downs Nordenfelda.

After construction in 1909-1914 of powerful batteries on the Russian island, armed with more modern instruments, the battery in many respects has lost fighting value. During civil war the battery has been deserted, and in 1923 is disarmed. Subsequently, in 30th years her have in part destroyed and have reconstructed in automobile repair shops. During the second world war the battery eenitnoj artilleries of Pacific Fleet here settled down.

In 1989. Seaside branch of the All-Russia society of protection of monuments of history and culture at support of management of culture of executive committee of the Vladivostok city council of People's Deputies the beginning of work on restoration of the former Anonymous coastal battery of the Vladivostok fortress. Works were conducted on the means involved with the Society from the most various sources at absence of regular state financing. With the help of members of military-historical club " Vladivostok fortress " the first turn of an exposition of a museum has been prepared for 1996.

On October, 30, 1996 the museum was open for visiting. The museum copes and contains Seaside branch of the All-Russia society of protection of monuments of history and culture.

In territory of a museum the collection of the instruments consisted on arms of coastal defense of Pacific fleet in 1930-1990-a years, samples of the kept arms and building technics of the Vladivostok fortress is exposed. In the battery the exposition devoted to the various periods of history of the Vladivostok fortress and the Vladivostok Sea Defensive Area is developed. The museum of the Vladivostok fortress is located at the Oceanarium near to the Sports harbour (Semenovsky a ladle).


One of underground forts of the main line of defense, located at the 164 meters' mountain (about 15 km north of the downtown). The fort of the 1910 has a lot of combat and underground structures. The garrison of the fort consisted of 235 riflemen, 68 artillerists, 20 machine-gunners, and 53 sappers and miners. Has no analog in the world practice.

  • The address:  4a, Batarejnaja Street. the Sports harbour (at the Oceanarium)
  • Time-schedule: Operating hours: from 10:30am to 5:30pm.



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