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Sightseeing's. St. Petersburg. Tour to Saint Petersburg. Trip to Russia. Legendary tour.

Sightseeing's. Places to visited. Trip to St.Petersburg. Tour to Saint Petersburg.



Combination of solemn architectonic forms, regularly planned , avenues and squares, picturesque parks and gardens, fantastical sculpture compositions, multitudinous rivers and canals framed by granite embankments and patterned railings of bridges create unique poetical image of the city.

The whole architectonic environment of St. Petersburg, its integral expressive appearance was created for two centuries. Front facades of Northern Venice are reflected in waters of the main thoroughfare of the city, the Neva River. Austere bastions of Peter and Paul Fortress remind of boisterous and sometimes hard history of the city. The golden spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral that tends to reach sky combined with lengthy line of fortress rampart wall make a laconically stern architectonic silhouette of river facade of the Northern Capital. Behind the classical fence you can see green storm of the Summer Garden, which is the oldest city park. Mikhailovsky Castle can be seen in the distance. It reminds of the Medieval Knight castle, and its history is full of mysterious rumors.

Sumptuous baroque facade of the Winter Palace, which is an outstanding work of great Rastrelli, became a starting point for further development of the Capital center. Golden spire of Admiralty is one more dominant of the city facade. The mass of St. Isaac Cathedral is looming behind the picturesque verdure of Alexander Garden. Its golden dome can be seen from the most distant points of the city. The center of Senate Square is decorated with one of the best equestrian statues of the world - the Monument of Peter the Great. The reared horse seems to have landed on the huge rock a few moments ago and is standing motionless at the edge of the precipice over the waters of the Neva River. Piercing into future, Peter the Great is holding a bridle in one hand pointing with the other at Neva land that will by right belong to Russia for good.

The spit of Vasilyevsky Island like a huge ship is cutting mighty waters of the Neva River. This grandiose ensemble being a combination of architecture, waters, and wide open space creates great impression on visitors. The whole scope of the classical Stock Exchange House, clear-cut silhouette of the Rostrum Columns, and the resilient tape of the embankment form an integral architectural ensemble.

Walking along Nevsky Avenue surrounded with architectonic and culture monuments of different epochs and styles will be a fascinating and unforgettable event for you. Classical pavilion of Admiralty, crowned by the golden spire opens the perspective of the main city street. You can enter one of the most beautiful squares of the world, the Palace Square, through the Arch of the General Staff. Alexander Column dominates in its center. The Column is crowned by the statue of angel who blesses the city of St. Peter. Luxurious baroque facades of the Winter Palace, the solemn rhythm of colonnades of the Ministries buildings, broken by Triumph Arch, form the most brilliant architectonic ensemble of the world.

The majestic colonnade of Kazan Cathedral embracing semi-circle square faces the Catherine canal. This unique structure is a synthesis of architecture and sculpture. This point opens the vista of the Church of Christ Resurrection with shining variegated domes that bring back the memories of ancient Russian architectonic traditions of the i7th century. Visit to the Cloister of Alexander Nevsky will bring you back to origins of Russian History. This ensemble combines the traditions peculiar to Russian monasteries with the architectonic features of the beginning of i8th century. Imposing Cathedral of Saint Trinity is a monument to the national warrior, St. Alexander Nevsky. Near the steep turn of the River, the marvelous well-proportioned silhouette of Resurrection Smolny Cathedral of Smolny Monastery seems to be coming up to reach sky. This masterpiece of the world architecture is made to Elizaveta baroque style.

You will never be able to read the stone chronicle of the city to the end. This variegated city will reveal more and more of its history and beauty.

According to the decision of UNESCO, St. Petersburg is recognized as the city monument of the world culture.

- Dvortsovaya Ploshchad.
- Winter Palace
- Hermitage Museum 
- Alexander Column
- Admiralty.
- Ploshchad Dekabristov. 
- St Isaac's Cathedral. 
- St Petersburg History 


- Peter & Paul Fortress. 
- Artillery Museum
  (Artilleriysky Muzey).
- Museum of Political
- Peter's Cabin.
- Cruiser Aurora. 
- Kirov Museum. 
- Botanical Gardens. 
- TV Antenna. 
- Kirovsky Islands. 
- Kamenny Island 
- Kamennoostrovsky Palace
- Yelagin Island 
- Krestovsky Island


- Finland Station.
- Piskaryovka Cemetery. 


- Flowers Exhibition Hall. 
- Smolny Cathedral 



- Central Naval Museum 
- Museum of Zoology
- Museum of Anthropology
   &  Ethnography.
- Menshikov Palace.
- Academy of Arts
- Twelve Colleges.
- Church of Mother of God
   the Merciful


- Sennaya Ploshchad. 
- Vladimirskaya Ploshchad
- Arctic & Antarctic
- Teatralnaya Ploshchad.
- Moskovsky Prospekt.
- Chesma Palace
- Monument to the Heroic
   Defenders of Leningrad
- Pulkova Observatory.


- Admiralty End.
- Kazan Cathedral Area. 
- Criboedova Canal to the -
- Gostiny Dvor  
- Passazh
- Vorontsov Palace
- Ploshchad Ostrovskogo.
- National Library of Russia
- Anichkov Palace
- Anichkov Bridge &
- Beloselsky-Belozersky 
  Palace ploshchad
- Alexander Nevsky

- Tikhvin Cemetery


- Ploshchad Iskusstv. 
- Russian Museum.   
- Mikhailovsky Gardens
- Resurrection Church.
- Pushkin Flat-Museum.  
- Mars Field. 
- Summer Garden.
- Summer Palace 
- Sheremetev Palace




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- Historic heart

- Nevsky prospekt

- Between Nevsky and Neva

- Smolny region

- South and west of Nevsky Prospekt

- Vasilevsky island

- Petrograd side

- Viborg side


- Petrodvorets (Peterhof, Petergof)

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