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Moscow estate. Russian estate in Moscow.

Moscow estate. Russian estate in Moscow.

"Arkhangelskoe" State Museum Estate.
  • Since 1703 Arkhangelskoe is considered to have been a parade estate of the duke D. Golitsyn. In 1810 it was handed over to the Yusupovs. One can see some complete harmonious unity of large-scale perspectives and thorough trimming of small architectural details. From 1810 to 1815 such architects as V. Strizhakov, O. Bove, E. Tyurin worked here. The estate combines the best that was created in Russian architecture, palace-and-park ensembles of the XVIII-XIX centuries.
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  • Matchless historical set of 17 - 19 centuries monuments that is connected with the most important events of Russian history, with the time prior to the reforms of Peter I. It was the favorite country residence of Alexey Mikhailovich the tsar.
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  • Kolomenskoye was first mentioned in 1339 in spiritual papers of Ivan Kalita. Kolomenskoye contains unique archeological monuments like Diakovo Gorodotche by which Diakovo archeological culture got its name. The golden time for Kolomenskoye was in the middle of the XVII century when the unique architectural ensemble of the favourite country residence of Russian rulers was built . The most ancient monument is the Voznesenya Church (1532) which is under UNESCO protection since 1994. Of great value are the monuments of Russian wooden architecture brought between the 20-ies and 50-ies. Some architectural monuments contain also museum collections. Numerous visitors are attracted by musical performances, folk holidays held in Kolomenskoye as well as ship excusions on the Moskva-river.
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Museum of the Russian Estate Culture "Kuzminki" 
(branch of the Museum of History of Moscow) 
  • Peter the Great granted country estate Kuzminki to his favourite Grigory Stroganov in 1702. Muscovites called Kuzminki Estate "the Russian Versal" for majestic beauty of picturesque ponds, bridges and flower gardens, as well as for luxurious sculptures by celebrated Peter Klodt and Ivan Vitali and splendid architecture by famous Matvey Kazakov, Vasily Bazhenov and Gilyardi family. Local Church of the Vlakhernskaya Virgin is an outstanding architectural masterpiece.
  • Museum of the Russian Estate Culture "Kuzminki" (branch of the Museum of History of Moscow) 
Museum of Ceramics and 18 cent. Country Estate Kuskovo 
  • The estate of Kuskovo is a monument of art-culture of the XVIII century. The summer residence of Counts Sheremetyevs, arranged with "innumerable comforts and pleasures" was intended for splendid receptions, mass theatrical festivals and merrymaking. Up to now more than 20 unique specimens of architecture are preserved; among them are the Palace, the Grotto, the Big Stone Greenhouse, an ancient church and others. The sightseeing attraction of the Kuskovo estate is the French regular park with marble sculptures, ponds and original pavilions. The collection of ceramics and glassware of different countries from antiquity up to the present day and also the collection of porcelain of Russian and European manufactories of the XVIII to XIX centuries are displayed in the museum. 
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Ostankino. The Palace-Museum.
  • The museum is an excellent representative of the Russian culture of the end of the XVIII century. It was mainly created by the serf and that is what it is famous for. In 1989 the restoration of the museum began. In 1992 it was opened for visitors. Originally a wooden church of the Life-Giving Trinity was built on that place in XVII by the owners of the mansion princes Cherkasskys.
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Tsaritsino Museum of History, Architecture, Art and Nature
  • This is an architectural ensemble constructed under the decree of Catherine the Great by the Russian architect V. Bazhenov in the neo-and pseudo-Gothic style. On the high hills there one can see mansions, pavilions, bridges and gates made from brick and decorated with white stone. The well-preserved gorgeous Ornamental Bridge links the effective driveway to the estate and a romantic lay-out of the park. Mobile exhibitions are displayed in the Middle-size and Small Palaces and the 2nd and 3rd Grand Cavalry Stables. Concerts of classical music are held in the Opera House. 
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Kuskovo Estate


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