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Andrey Rublevs Museum. Spaso-Andronikov Monastery. Moscow museums.

Andrey Rublevs Museum. Russia museums. Moscow museums. Museum in Moscow. Andronnikov Monastery. Spassky Cathedral.



Andrey Rublevs Museum

Spaso-Andronikov (Our Saviour-St. Andronicus) Monastery The museum is located in the ancient Spaso-Andronikov (Our Saviour-St. Andronicus) Monastery where A. Rublyov lived and worked. The Cathedral of Our Saviour of the Monastery (early XV century) is a most ancient temple in Moscow. 

The Monastery was founded in 1360 and was used as tha eastern bastion of Moscow. Spassky Cathedral - a part of the Monastery - was built in 1410-1427. And if the building of the monastery was originally wooden, the main Spassky Cathedral was built of the white stone. Andrey Rublev and Daniel Cherny were instructed to paint the Cathedral. Unfortunately the paintings of these great Russian masters remained till the present day only in the slopes of the altar windows. Andrey Rublev lived his mature years in Andronnikov Monastery. He was buried there too. The exposition of the Museum gives a certain idea of the creative work of the brilliant Russian painter Andrey Rublev and his disciples. A detail of the fresco in the Cathedral of the Savior in Novgorod in Iljin street painted by Feofan Grek goes back to the 1378th year. It reminds us of a famous outstanding master who Andrey Rublev worked with in his green years. Feofan Grek is rightfully considered his teacher, and young Rublev admired his creative work greately. Feofan Grek produced a deep impression on his contemporaries by his art. In 1405 Andrey Rublev together with Fedor from Gorodets and Feofan Grek participated in painting the Cathedral of Annunciation in the Moscow Kremlin. Rublev s first works give us thorough information about the peculiarities of his art. Learning from Feofan Grek, perceiving and understanding devices of the high art, Rublev at the same time found his own individual ways, took his own new road. Rublev s paintings are characterized by an extraordinary beauty and inner harmony of lines and color and are notable for an exceptional ability to create images with deep emotional movements. Perfect photocopies of famous Rublev s works are exhibited in the Museum . In 1408 Andrey Rublev was in charge of the painting of Uspensky Cathedral in Vladimir. Daniil Tcherny worked together with him. Fragments of the composition The Day of Judgment remained safe till our days. Rublev s contemporaries didn t doubt that the history of the mankind was to end with the judgment day. The judgment day in Rublev s interpretation, unlike the Byzantines one, lost its severe and tragic traits and was depicted as the triumph of humanity and justice. Copies of separate fragments of the composition are being exhibited in the Museum. From the original works of Rublev s school the icon of John the Precursor, dating the first quarter of the XV century from Nicolo-Pesnoshsky Monastery, is being exhibited in the Museum. In the corridor, that connects the two halls of the exposition, copies of the ornaments from Uspensky Cathedral in Vladimir are exhibited. In the third and forth halls of the Museum icons of Andrey Rublev s disciples are displayed. Works of a famous artist of the end of the XV century Dionisiy arouse great interest. His icon The God s Mother Assumption from Uspensky Cathedral characterizes this master as a prominent artist of his time. The iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Spaso-Ephimovsky Monastery in Suzdal represents the monumental decorative art of the middle of the XVII century.

Andrey Rublevs Museum Andrey Rublevs Museum Andrey Rublevs Museum


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