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We can help you make hotel reservations almost in Baikal. If you are going to visit Baikal we will be pleased to reserve a hotel in this city for you, according to your preferences and budget.

Hotels meeting Western standards of service and comfort are rather scarce in Russia, but we know them all and can make reservations for you free of charge. Special discounts are offered for groups, regular clients and longer stays.

Simply click on the name of the hotel for full information about hotel. If you are building a complete itinerary with Legend tour, please inform us about your hotel choices. If you are only booking accommodations, please list your hotel preferences when contacting us.

If there is a hotel not listed here that you would like to book, please contact us.

  • Anastasia. Hotel, Nikola village, 60 km from Irkutsk 
  • Arabeska. Hotel.
  • Baikal ***. Hotel.
  • Baikalskiye Terema ***. Hotel complex.
  • Briz. Family hotel.
  • Devyatyi Val. Hotel complex.
  • Dereven'ka. Family hotel
  • Flagman. Hotel, Nikola village, 60 km from Irkutsk 
  • Green House. Mini hotel.
  • Nataly. Hotel and tourist complex.
  • Mayak ****. Hotel.
  • Krestovaya pad. Hotel.
  • U ozera. Hotel.

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