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Train in the Trans siberian railroad. Trip to Transiberian raiload. Tour to Transsib. Trans Sib.

Transsiberian trains schedule, train schedule of the most convenient trains of Transsib



Discover beautiful nature and landscapes of Ural, Siberia and Russian Far East with the fastest and most comfortable trains (so called "firm", or "firmenny", trains) at Transsib. These trains make the least number of stops, sometimes covering 300-400 km without stopping. Express trains, or "skory" trains, usually make some more stops than "firm" trains (7/8 Novosibirsk/Vladivostok, 43/44 Moscow/Khabarovsk).

There are 3 classes of trains in Russia: 

  • 1st class Ц 2-berth compartment, either one berth over the other berth placement, or one berth opposite the other one (this is called "spalny vagon" or "sleeping compartment"); 
  • 2nd class Ц 4-berth compartment (there's quite plenty of space, comparing to European trains, it's called "coupe" in Russian); 
  • 3rd class Ц no compartments, just many berths in a car ("platzcart").

There are no 3rd class carriages in the trains which are going along the routes: Moscow - Vladivostok, Moscow - Ulan-Bataar, and Moscow - Beijing, so if you want the 3rd class train, you can only take trains that go between Russian cities. Note, it's hard to buy the 1st class ticket in the summer (most of the tickets are reserved for travel agencies and Chinese embassy).

The most comfortable and fastest trains at Trans-Sib are the following trains: Rossiya (number 1/2, Moscow-Vladivostok), Okean (5/6, Khabarovsk-Vladivostok), Baikal (9/10, Moscow-Irkutsk), Sibiryak (25/26, Moscow-Novosibirsk), Yenisei (55/56, Moscow-Krasnoyarsk) and some other trains of such a class.

є Train name    

"Rossiya "

Moscow - Vladivostok

The best opportunity to travel through the whole Russia up to Far East, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.


"Okean "

Khabarovsk - Vladivostok




Moscow - Irkutsk




Moscow - Novosibirsk




Moscow - Krasnoyarsk



Transsib is not only a great way that connects central Russia and Pacific shores, Moscow and Vladivostok but also a way to Asia, one of the most important roads to Far East countries like China and Korea. By the way, at the present time, this is the only way to get to China and Mongolia by train.


Train name

Point of departure

Point of arrival


Trans-Siberian Express

Moscow - Beijing through Mongolia

Goes around Lake Baikal, stops in Ulan - Ude and then turns down to Ulan -Bator (Mongolia) and further to Beijing.


Ulaan - Bator Express

Moscow - Ulaanbaatar

An international express-standard train operating twice weekly between Moscow and Ulan - Bator along the Trans-Mongolian route.



Moscow - Beijing through Manchuria

Goes across Siberia to Lake Baikal and reaches Beijing.


Description of compartments

The Trans - Siberian Express, like other trains has second class wagon. The second class compartment has four comfortable beds per cabin (two up, two down) plenty of luggage space, and is the same on all trains. First class (1/2) compartments on all Russian trains are similar to each other the difference is that there are two beds.

The first class of a real luxury is only available on the Chinese train (train 3/4). A small shower-room is to be shared with the next compartment. You can have meal in the dinning car for local currency.

Unfortunately, a train stops for no more than a half an hour on any station. Besides, the train ticket is valid for just one trip, if you leave the train the ticket is void. That's why we can arrange a special program for whose, who want to have enough time to explore Siberia.

There is plenty of space to keep your luggage in the compartment, either in an overhead luggage storage area, or under a bed. We advise you to keep it under your bed, then if somebody wants to steal your stuff he'll have to get you out of the bed to take your luggage. It's your right to have luggage under your bed: if it's already filled you can ask people to clean it up a bit or call a conductor.

In the trains that circulate between Russia and China (3, 4, 19, 20), there are many sellers traveling, and they always have a lot of bulky bags. So, if you're taking such a train, we advise you to get there at least 1 hour before departure, so you can get your space.

  • Transsiberian trains schedule, train schedule of the most convenient trains of Transsib


Electronic tickets are only available for Russian domestic trains. If you are traveling outside Russia, we will need to issue a paper train ticket and mail it to you.

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- Train 1/2 "Rossiya" (Moscow - Vladivostok)

- Train 4/3 "Trans-Siberian (Express"
Moscow - Beijing through Mongolia)

- Train 6/5 "Ulaan-Bator Express" (Moscow - Ulaanbaatar)

- Train 9/10 "Baikal" (Moscow - Irkutsk)

- Train 20/19 "Vostok" (Moscow - Beijing through Manchuria)

- Train 25/26 "Sibiryak"
Moscow - Novosibirsk


- Train 55/56 "Yenisei"
Moscow - Krasnoyarsk




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