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E-ticket service for Russian trains. Electronic ticket service.

Train tickets and how to purchase them. How to read the Russian train ticket.



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The travel company "Legend tour" is a partner of Russian Railroad since 2006. We perform tickets and e-tickets (e tickets, electronic train ticket) reservation service for Russian trains.

Russian rail system is the most extensive rail system in the world connecting thousands of Russian cities and playing an indispensable role in Russia's economy. Russia Railways carry millions of passengers each offering a convenient alternative to travel by air or car since flights can be expensive and Russian roads are not always suitable for travel.

  • How about a whole new way to book Russian train travel?
    Search and book e-tickets on any Russian train or any Russia bound or outbound train. You can use these e-tickets on any and every Russian train station as they are issued in cooperation with Russian Railroads. Enjoy the convenience and the hassle-free way to make your travel arrangements for Russian trains with this first-of-a-kind e-ticket service brought to you by travel company Legend tour.

  • E-ticket or Paper Ticket? E-ticket is the most convenient way to book seats. You book online, Print your e-ticket out and exchange it for a boarding pass at the train Station. However, when you insist, we will issue a paper ticket and we will deliver it to you, anywhere in the world.

  • Russian Railways do not sell tickets earlier than 45 days before the departure date. We accept early reservations and will send you a notification when your ticket is available in the system. Now, this is what you call convenient.



Electronic tickets are only available for Russian domestic trains. If you are traveling outside Russia, we will need to issue a paper train ticket and mail it to you.

- Russia train e-ticket

- How to read the Russian train e tickets?

- Reservation train e-tickets in Russia

- F.A.Q. Electronic train tickets in Russia.


- About Trans Siberian railroad

- History of the Trans Sib

- Trans-Siberian Route

- Trans-Mongolian Route

- Trans-Manchurian Route


- Train 1/2 "Rossiya" (Moscow - Vladivostok)

- Train 4/3 "Trans-Siberian (Express"
Moscow - Beijing through Mongolia)

- Train 6/5 "Ulaan-Bator Express" (Moscow - Ulaanbaatar)

- Train 9/10 "Baikal" (Moscow - Irkutsk)

- Train 20/19 "Vostok" (Moscow - Beijing through Manchuria)

- Train 25/26 "Sibiryak"
Moscow - Novosibirsk


- Train 55/56 "Yenisei"
Moscow - Krasnoyarsk




About Trans Siberian railroad

History of the Trans Sib

Trans-Siberian Route

Trans-Mongolian Route

Trans-Manchurian Route

Russian train

Life in the train

Russian train tickets


St. Petersburg train stations

  - Moscowsky train station

Moscow train stations

  - Leningradsky train station

  - Yaroslavsky train station (arr.)

  - Yaroslavsky train station (dep.)

  - Kievsky train station

  - Rizhsky train station (arrival)

Yekaterinburg train schedules

Novosibirsk train schedules

Krasnoyarsk train schedules

Irkutsk train schedules

Ulan-Ude train schedules

Ulaanbaatar Train Schedules

Beijing Train Schedules

Reservation train ticket
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