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Tour to Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk tour. Trip to Russia, Siberia. Legend tour.

Tour to Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk tour. Trip to Russia, Siberia.



The largest cities in Siberia are Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk. Of these, Novosibirsk is the biggest and considered the "capital of Siberia".

The city was founded in 1893, owing to the construction of the Great Trans-Siberian Railroad and in the beginning was named Novonikolaevsk, having been only recently renamed Novosibirsk in 1926.

Novosibirsk is the geographical center of Russia (whether you go to the west or to the east till the Russian border, the distance is the same). An advantageous location on the crossroads of the major transport routes promoted a rapid growth of the city, sometimes being called the Siberian Chicago, because of its phenomenal growth rate. Among all the big cities Novosibirsk is the most fast-growing; it reached a million population mark in less than 70 years (Chicago - in 90 years, New York - in 250, Moscow - in more than 700 years!). Nowadays it's a third largest city of Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg) both by population and area, and is often called: The Uncrowned capital of Siberia!

Novosibirsk is the business center of Siberia and home to the largest Siberian banks, as well as the Siberian Stock and Commodity Exchanges. It is also one of the largest industrial cities of Siberia. The main industries are: instrument making, machine building, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, processing precious materials, and production of farm machinery and chemical concentrates.

Novosibirsk is also one of the most important transport centers of the country. It is situated on the crossroads of water-, air-, auto-, and rail-ways and is the major hub of the Asian part of Russia.

Novosibirsk is a cultural center of Siberia. The theatrical life of the city is represented by 7 drama and 6 musical theatres and concert halls. The pride of citizens of Novosibirsk, the architectural of the city is the biggest in Russia Opera and Ballet House, which has won wide international popularity. Novosibirsk is also proud of its Picture gallery, which is the biggest in Siberia. There are Icons, works of Russian and foreign painters in its expositions. A collection of Nikolay Roerich's pictures occupies the central place in art collection of the gallery.

There are several acting Orthodox cathedrals, a Catholic cathedrals, a Moslem mosque in the city. St. Nikola's Chapel has become the visiting card of the city. It is situated in the center of the Red Avenue.

  1. Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia, the 3rd largest Russian city, and the geographical center of Russia!
  2. Novosibirsk is the major crossroads of Russia - one of the main Transsib points - from where it is possible to go to any direction!
  3. The Novosibirsk State Opera House is one of the biggest in the world and its stage is still bigger than that of Bolshoi Theater of Moscow!
  4. Novosibirsk Scientific Center "Akademgorodok" is the only scientific center in the world where ALL the scientific branches are presented!
  5. Novosibirsk Zoo is the only in the world where Argali and Putoransky Ram are preserved.
  6. The prettiest girls live here!
  7. After your journey you could brag of your courage: "I've been to Siberia and had come back safe and sound!!!"






82∞ 55' E


55∞ 02'N


600ft. (200 m)

Time Zone

GMT +8 hours

Temperature of January

-16∞ C

Temperature of July

+20∞ C


13 inches (35cm)






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