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Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery. Ulaanbaatar. Sights of intersest.

Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (MNMAG)



Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (MNMAG) was separated from the Fine Arts Museum of Mongolia in 1989, and it launched its independent operation to make the public familiar with Mongolian modern fine/visual art works.

The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is a government art service providing agency with the function to give esthetic and art education to the population by exposing visual art, systematically collecting and exhibiting Mongolian modern and contemporary art; conducting studies and research, promoting and preserving them; enriching its collections; documenting the social, historic and cultural evolution and progress.

The MNMAG regularly collects Mongolian modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts and other new forms of art or artifacts, that have superior identity and originality. It focuses on modern and contemporary works from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. As of 2004, the permanent collection contains approximately 4200 pieces, and 7-8% - are currently on display.

Since its establishment, the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery has consolidated its position as one of the leading art institutions in Mongolia, initiating and presenting significant national and international exhibitions. Each year the Gallery is actively involved in organizing thematic or specialized exhibitions of original works of national and foreign individual painters; participates in exhibitions abroad displaying there art pieces from own collection or works of Mongolian artists; in organizing national and independent artists associations annual and seasonal shows. In addition to that the Gallery purchases the best art works of individuals to enrich its collection.

The Gallery has established a database on Mongolian artists, painters, which is updated regularly. Since its establishment the Gallery has been enriching annually its collections using the funds budgeted by the government. Thus, its visitors familiarize with, understand and get closer to Mongolian art and culture. The MNMAG also publishes periodic news and widely distributes via mass media and its website the information on Mongolian art. It publishes booklets, newspapers, newsletters, magazines and other promotional materials containing ideas, views and critics by artists and art critiques, as well as research and studies, easily could be used by students in their study.

The Modern Mongolian art works, sculptures, kept in the Gallery represents a unique combination of Oriental and Western techniques, thereby attracting the attention of national and international experts and viewers.




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