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Museum of Mongolian costumes.

Museum of Mongolian costumes. Mongolian costumes museum.





The main garment is the del, a long, one-piece gown made from wool or silk. Most Mongolians have several different dels, appropriate for different seasons, as well as a more decorative del for special occasions. Winter dels are often lined with sheep skin. The del has a high collar, is often brightly colored, is worn with a multipurpose sash, and is worn by men and women year-round. Ethnic groups are differentiated by the color, decoration, and shape of their del.

The khantaaz is a shorter traditional jacket, often made of silk, which is also buttoned to the side, and usually worn over the del.

The gutul is a high boot made from thick leather and sometimes decorated ornately. They are easy to put on - both the left and right boot are the same shape. There exist many explanations for the curled, upturned toe, but the most likely one is religious - the upturned end touches less earth and therefore theoretically kills fewer bugs, in accordance with Buddhist teachings about the non-taking of life.


The aim of the museum is twofold: to publicize traditional costumes to tourist and foreigners and to educate young Mongolian about traditional clothes in the hope that more young people will wear the garments.

The museum was officially opened on July 23 2005 by the City Mayor's Office, the World Mongolian Association of Costumes and Academy of the National Costumes Study.

The costumes in the museum were created by designers at the Mongol Costumes Company and around 60 of the company's 400 designs are on display. The collections include the traditional costumes of the Mongolian ethnic groups such as uzemchin, zakhchin, torguud and khoton and kazakh.

The exhibits include two garments that won prizes from the international arts festival of the Mongol races held i Ulan-Ude, Russia in March 2005. These are an uzemchin women's head decoration than won the grand prize and collection named Queens of Chinggis' that won first prize.



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