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Ulaanbaatar - Trip around Ulaanbaatar - South Gobi - Middle Gobi - Kharkhorin - Orkhon Waterfall - Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake - Khovsgol lake - Erdenet - Hustai National Park - Ulaanbaatar.

At this tour you will see the one of the cultural highlights of Mongolia - Kharakorum, situated in the vast valley of Orkhon river. This is the symbolic site of 13th century capital of Mongolia Empire. The temple Erdene Zuu contains valuable collection of sculptures, artwork, and books, This is the place to learn about religious and cultural traditions of Mongolia. There are endless possibilities for hiking and trekking through gorgeous hills and amazing cliffs in Terelj area of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Within 1 hour driving from Ulaanbaatar you can reach the Manzhir Monastery ruins. It is situated within Bogdo Khaan Mountain National Park. At this national park hunting and logging were prohibited in 18th century. 

Lake Khuvsgul lies within boundaries of the Khuvsgul National Park. This lake is sacred to all Mongols and is known as "mother sea" or also called "Blue Pearl of Asia". Water of Khuvsgul lake is unbelievably clean. This is a place in Mongolia where one can get sense of total unspoiled wilderness. You can hiking, birding, fishing, horse riding, kayaking. The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. It is a land of steppes and mountains and the second biggest desert in the world. There you can see the Eagle valley, you will experience the lifestyle of Gobi desert nomads. 
Duration: 27 days/26 nights.


Day 1

Ulaanbaatar. Meet at the airport and transfer to hotel.
Free time. Overnight stay at hotel

Day 2

Breakfast. City tour. Visit Zaisan hill. Visit Museum of National & Natural History. Folklore show. Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure for the National Park "Terelj". Hiking, rock climbing.
Accommodation at the tourist camp. Lunch at the camp. Relax in national Ger in the beautiful Khan Khentii Landscape. Walking around. Dinner at the tourist camp. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 4

Breakfast. Horse riding. Turtle Rock and the dinosaur statues are the main attractions with lunch and dinner. Overnight at the camp

Day 5

After breakfast transfer to UB. Souvenir shopping. Visit Cashmere shops and fabric. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6

After breakfast departure to Manzhir monastery (60 km from Ulaanbaatar). Exploration of surrounding area. Drive to a Middle-Gobi. On the way you can see Baga Gayariin Chuluu which is a sacred rocky mountain, 1760 m above sea level and is famous for its spectacular rock formations and beautiful natural environment. There is wood elms, growing on rocks. A 20m long cave a brook with 60cm hole are also in rocks of the mountain. See Oasis of Sum Khukh Burd-an oasis in the Gobi with a small lake, which has an ancient stone fortress on it. The fortress built during 16-17th Centuries has 1.5m thick walls and no ceiling. Legend says any attempt to build a ceiling was interrupted by strong lightning there and the rocks were carried by10000 camels. Swan, Duck and Partridge are common on the lake. Stay in Ger camp for overnight

Day 7

Drive to South Gobi desert. Driving 8 hours across a vast steppes transient to desert, lack in people, but compensated for an animals. Arrive in Ger Camp for overnight.

Day 8

Trip to Canyon of Yoliin Am, the narrow canyon of a river which flows through Zuun Saikhan mountain (2,815 meters). The gorge has sheer rock walls with a height of about 200 meters in the central part. Visit Nature museum. Picnic lunch. Hiking in Gurvan Saikhan Uul, the National Park, enjoying State protection. On the way back visit camel, horse, goat breeder's family. Horse, camel riding. Drive back to a tourist camp.

Day 9

Trip to Bayanzag (Saksaul forest in the desert where complete dinosaur skeletons, it's fossilized eggs and other prehistoric giant animals are still being found). Bayanzag is internationally famous for dinosaur remains. Dinosaur eggs with a diameter of 10 to 15 centimeters were found here in Mongolia for the first time in the World. If you are lucky you can find something too. Picnic lunch. On the way back visit Moltsog Els. Drive back to the Camp for overnight.

Day 10

Departure for Red Lake (Ulaan Nuur). Exploration of surrounding area. Arrive in Sayhan-Ovoo soum of Dundgobi (Middle Gobi), accommodate in a tent camp. On the way watch out ruins of 2 monasteries: Ongiin , Hoshoo. Overnight in tents.

Day 11

Arrive in Kharkhorin city which was established in 1220 and was the capital city of Mongolia for 140 years and the capital of largest Chinggis Khan Empire world had ever known. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 12

Breakfast. Visit Erdenezuu monastery. Walking around. Visit nomads. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 13

After early breakfast departure for Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall (Orkhon waterfall). Explore the waterfall area. Accommodation in tents

Day 14

After breakfast drive to Tsetserleg . Exploration of surrounding areas. Visit Taikhar Chuluu (40 kms). Overnight in tents.

Day 15

Drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (182 km) visit interesting natural sites. Visit Chuluut canyon on the way. Exploration of surrounding area. Visit Nomads family. Overnight at Ger camp

Day 16

Rest day, optional hiking, horse riding, fishing, wild life viewing, visit interesting natural sites. Overnight at Ger camp.

Day 17

After breakfast departure for Moron city (215 km). Lunch. Continue driving to Khovsgol lake (135 km). Accommodation at the tourist camp. Rest. Overnight in Ger Camp.

Day 18

After breakfast Visit local family and horse riding around the lake. Lunch. Dinner. Overnight stay in ger of the tourist camp.

Day 19

Trekking in Munkhsardig mountain (the option could be boating in Khuvsgul lake). Overnight in the ger of the camp

Day 20

Departure for Moron. Visit local museum. Continue driving to Bulgan city (353 km). Overnight at the tourist camp. Rest.

Day 21

After breakfast transfer to Erdenet (70 km). Continue driving to Amarbaisgalant monastery (88 km). Visit monastery. Departure for Darkhan city. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 22

After breakfast departure for Bugant (150 km). Exploration of surrounding area. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 23

After breakfast transfer to Ulaanbaatar (235 km). Overnight at the hotel.

Day 24

Breakfast. Departure for Hustai National Park (100 km from UB), where Przevalski Wild Horses are acclimatized. Accommodation at the tourist camp. Lunch. Explore Wild horses and visit Nomad's family
Overnight at the tourist camp "Moltsog Els" with lunch and dinner

Day 25

After breakfast transfer for Hogno Khaan Mountains. Walking around.
Arrival to the "Bayangobi tourist camp". Drive to Elsen Tasarhai through the green grassland and arrive at Sand dune, hiking around. Drive back to UB. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 26

After breakfast visit Gandan monastery with its temples. Lunch. In the afternoon visit Bogd Khaan winter palace, visit Choijin lama monastery. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 27

After breakfast transfer to the airport or train station.


PAX: 2...3 3...5 Accommodation
Price Ц p/p     3 star hotel


  • Service included:

    Accommodation in hotel in UB*** with breakfasts
    Accommodation at the tourist camp in the countryside
    Accommodation in tents
    Air ticket to and from Ulaanbaatar, airport tax
    Airport tax - 12 USD per person
    All entrance fees to museum and National Parks
    City tour
    Folklore show
    Guide service for all program
    Gratuities and drinks
    Excursions as per itinerary and entrance fees to all museums and National parks
    Horse, camel riding
    Meals (full board) during whole trip
    Own expenses, alcoholic beverages
    Telephone and medical expenses
    Transport for all program (about 6 000 - 7000 km)
    Travel Insurance
    Visa to Mongolia
    Visit Nomads family
  • Important:
    Add 15% to the above rates in the period of the Naadam Festival.
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